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Baby Care
Product Name : Baby Powder
JOHNSON'S® baby powder is the only powder which offers complete protection to a baby's sensitive skin. Not only is it sterilized, but also, unlike adult powders, the edges of the talc particles are smooth and will not penetrate the pores. This allows your baby's skin to breathe easily and remain healthy.
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Product Name : Baby Oil
JOHNSON'S® baby oil is light and non-greasy. It keeps baby's skin smooth and supple and is ideal for daily massage. It is made of mineral oil, that remains clear at all temperatures and is free from harmful bacteria. It contains Vitamin D. A massage with Baby Oil is good for the overall growth and developement of the baby.
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Product Name : Baby Cream
JOHNSON'S® baby cream contains lanolin, which nourishes a baby's tender, delicate skin and protects it from chafing, rubbing, cold etc. The cream contains Vitamin A and Glycerin which moisturises the baby's sking and is great for the mothers too.
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Product Name : Baby Lotion
JOHNSON'S® baby lotion is specially formulated to protect and nourish a baby’s tender skin from the drying effects of the environment. Unlike ordinary lotions, Johnson’s baby lotion is mild, pure and gentle on a baby’s skin. It works both as a moisturizer and cleanser. It is an oil-in-water emulsion, which makes it less greasy than creams and other lotions.
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Product Name : Baby Shampoo
No more tears, Johnson's baby shampoo does not irritate baby's eyes. For those first few months, new born babies do not have normal tear secretions that protect their eyes from irritants. Johnson's baby shampoo has a special No More Tears formula that is gentle on baby's eyes and does not sting. In fact it is as gentle to the eyes as pure water!
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Product Name : Baby Hair oil
Johnson & Johnson® baby hair oil is the first hair oil to contain Pro-Vitamin B5. Its skin conditioning properties helps prevent flaking of soft skin from baby's scalp. The Pro-Vitamin B-5 nourishes hair roots and strengthens the hair.
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Product Name : Baby Soap
JOHNSON'S® baby soap does not irritate baby's sensitive skin. It has no strong perfumes, no colouring agents or any harsh chemicals that will strip away the skin's natural microbial flora. Causing no allergy or irritation to baby's skin. Enriched with Coconut oil, this is the mildest gentlest and is a completely safe soap to use on baby's delicate skin.
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Product Name : JOHNSON'S® Buds
JOHNSON'S® Buds are soft and easy on your ears. The stems of the buds are flexible, and the cotton swabs around the ends are sealed onto serration, which hold the swab in place.
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