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Product Name : Ekadanta
"Ekadanta’ is an awesome part of exquisite painting studio of Harmeen Kaur. Meaning of Ekdanta is one tooth. Lord Ganesha is correctly named as Ekadanta as he has only one tooth. Use of gleaming colors made wisely in this painting of Ganesha has successfully brought out the ideal hue of limpidness. The vahana of Ganesha - Mushak is shown sitting at his feet. The painting exhibits pure as well as bright look. The actual size of this superb painting is 22 x 15 inches. This beautiful hand made painting is now available in very limited stock. Hurry to get one."
Rs. 5625
Product Name : Chand Ganesha
"Chand Ganesha comes from the wonderful treasure trove of Harmeen Kaur. The word ‘chand’ means Moon and the Lord Ganesha is depicted wearing moon on his crown. His vahan-Mushak is shown sitting at his feet. In this superb painting he is shown carrying lotus, battle-axe and coconut in his hands and he is blessing with one of his hands here. His clothes and jewelry in this painting are lavishly adorned which has added remarkable attraction to it. The actual size of this painting is 30 x 26.25 x 1.5 inches. Only limited stock of this painting is available. So, hurry."
Rs. 4837
Product Name : Vinayaka
"This beautiful painting measures 18" x 14". The splendid mishmash of yellow, brown and red colors used in the painting depict Lord Ganesha, with protruding belly, his hands hold an axe, a rosary, Laddu, while one hand raised in blessing mood with his vahana, Mushaka."
Rs. 4837
Product Name : Ganpati 3
"Ganpati 3 is one of the superb paintings that come from the painting studio of the noted painter Harmeen Kaur. The painting shows ornamented Ganesha seated on a lotus flower with a turban tied around his head. There is a liberal use of earthen colors in the painting. This has made this painting a rare and a lovely painting that must be made a part of your living room. The ambiance of this painting gets a serene effect immediately. The actual size of this hand made painting is 13 x 16 x 1.5 inches. It is Available in limited stock."
Rs. 1712.25
Product Name : Jai Lakshmi Ganesh
Jai Laxmi Ganesh is an exquisite part of wonderful painting studio of Harmeen Kaur. This is an excellent designer piece of art. In this painting Lord Ganesha with the goddess Laxmi are shown. Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are wonderfully adorned with sparkling jewelry and outstanding crowns. This is an example of artistic genius.The vivacious colors of the painting make it look impressive and wonderful. The actual size of this painting is 15 x 15 inches. This painting is now available only in limited stock. Hurry to get one or else you will miss this superb piece of elegant art.
Rs. 3937.50
Product Name : Radhe-Krishna
Radhe-Krishna is an exquisite part of wonderful painting studio of Harmeen Kaur. This painting shows timeless love between Lord Krishna and Radha. This is an extremely graceful work of artistic genius. The appearance of this hand made painting is calm and supple. Use of colors in this painting is tasteful and wise. The painting is elegant and is sure to add a divine charm to your office or room. This fine-looking piece of art measures 19 x 15 inches. This painting is soon running out of stock because of its fast growing demand. It is now available in limited editions.
Rs. 4837
Product Name : Love You
"A splendid creation of Harmeen Kaur is the painting ‘love you’. The painting illustrates flowers of white color. Flowers are painted to portray the full bloom they are having. As White represents peace; this painting will produce a serene environment for sure. Beauty and elegance is always depicted by flowers and in this painting Harmeen Kaur has done a wonderful job on bringing that magical affect. This glass painting is a fabulous piece of art. Actual size of this painting is 15 x 11.5 inches. The stock is fast moving towards end. Grab your piece before it is too late."
Rs. 3375
Product Name : Twosome
"TTwosome is a fabulous flower painting depicting two beautiful flowers of same type. Use of different colors has given a fantastic appeal to the painting. Only limited editions available!"
Rs. 3375
Product Name : Flower Bloom
"This is a delicate painting which perfectly portrays beautiful budding flowers. Red color of theses flowers add to the magnetism of this glass painting. Harmeen Kaur has once again proved her artistic excellence. Use of different shades has made it all the more attractive. This piece of creativity will not only bring grace to your wall but also will present the feeling of freshness all around. This painting measures 16 X 12 inches. Now, there are only a few editions of this wonderful art work is left. Hurry up if you don’t want to miss having it in your room."
Rs. 2880
Product Name : Flower Blossom
Another fascinating work of art on glass. A bouquet of elegant flowers drawn with myriad colors stand for the variety available in nature. Beautify your home or office with this 14 X 12 inches painting.
Rs. 2812
Product Name : Petalla
Petalla exhibits the artistic talent and taste of Harmeen Kaur. It is an exquisite part of her painting studio. This painting displays breath-taking beauty. It gives an outstanding look of limpidness. Colors used in this painting are light and simple. This prudence has made the painting extraordinary. This glass painting exhibits tranquility and grace. It carries the capacity to soothe the eyes of its viewer. The actual size of this classical piece of art is 5.25 x 9.25 inches. This painting of outstanding splendor is now available only in limited editions. Get one fast or else you will miss it.
Rs. 1125

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