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Product Name : Bag with goggle case
"The red-blue checkered, spacious quilted bag in 12” X 9” offers multipurpose uses. The bag is apt to keep a make up kit or toiletries. This quilt bag comes along with a glass case crafted in the same material to keep specs/glasses safe"
Rs. 725
Product Name : Classic Kitchen Set
"This kitchen set crafted in breezy cotton in red and blue checks, is a splendid gift idea for the special lady in your home. This set includes a blue-bordered apron with a big blue pocket stitched at the center, twin mitten set, 3 coasters and 1 kitchen towel. The smart apron will protect her dress from the possible stains and spills, which might occur while preparing delectable dishes. While, the twin mitten set will protect her hands holding or serving a hot piping dish. The pretty coasters can be placed on the dining table to protect the surface of the table from the stains and the kitchen towel in cream color can be used to wipe away blotches"
Rs. 925
Product Name : Pretty Pink Heart Cushions
"This is a set of two pink heart shaped quilted cushions where each cushion is in 16""X12"" size. The twin cushion set is done in silk and a natty lace is stitched along the borders of each cushion. It makes a fabulous gift item for your girl and will always be cherished by her"
Rs. 1095
Product Name : Petite Designer Mugs
The pair of blue, petite designer mugs of 2" height, carrying the image of a cozy bear couple will convey your special thoughts to your beloved Simply, a rollicking gift idea for one you love.
Rs. 245
Product Name : Teddy in Cup
Here, an adorable teddy sits pretty in a big porcelain cup of 3" height and 4" diameter. The little teddy can simply be put aside and the cup can be used for utility purpose like serving soup, dry fruits or luscious candies. Indeed an exciting gift idea.
Rs. 355
Product Name : Multi Colored Designer Mugs
"This is a lovely collection of two porcelain mugs of 3"" height and 4"" diameter each. The mugs sport multicolored stripes and are best to serve milk, tea, coffee or juice. Gift it to the one who means a lot to you and bring that sunshine smile on his/er lips"
Rs. 245
Product Name : Ceramic Floral Photo Frame
"This is a 7""X 5.5"" ceramic photo frame, which carries ornate floral designs and also depicts a pair of dove birds popularly known as lovebirds. This pretty photo frame is ideal to hold the precious moments captured on roll"
Rs. 135
Product Name : Marble Goblet Pair
The marble goblet boasts of brass like golden shades of colours. The finely colourful-latticed inlay work on this exclusive marble goblet brings out the 'shahee andaaz ka jaam' (King style of drinking expensive wine out of this exclusive goblet). You may use this pair of Goblet as an exclusive show of art in your bar!
Rs. 1185
Product Name : Flower Vase set of 2
"This flower vase is a Jaipur blue pottery product, the art that is famous for its impervious and hygienic qualities. The flower vase is hand crafted made with traditional techniques using clay. Available in the bright shades of yellow and blue, the vase becomes a pretty sight holding fresh or artificial flowers. * Flowers are not included with this vase set"
Rs. 355
Product Name : Tealight Candles
This is a pack of 50 tealight candles. Made of high quality wax these scented candles can burn for hours.
Rs. 465
Product Name : Sunflower Candle
"The fragrant sunflower shaped candle contains a mini glass filled with wax that can burn for hours. When not in use the sunflower candle can be used as a decorative item"
Rs. 695
Product Name : Floral Candles
The fragrant candle set of two carries an image of a sunflower on each glass shaped candle. Made of high quality wax the candles can burn for hours.
Rs. 745
Product Name : Cylindrical Colored Gel Candles
Aatash range has come out with cylindrical colored gel candles this Diwali. It consists of three colored gel candles that are available in tall cylindrical glass shaped containers. The glass containers carry the image of Ganesha Swastik, and Lakshmi respectively. This product is based on the concept of chakra that emphasizes on complete harmony between mind, body, and soul. The candles are made of high quality wax that can burn for hours.
Rs. 425
Product Name : Petite Gel Candles
Petite Gel Candle set consists of three petite glass pots each containing colored gel. The candles are made of high quality wax that can burn for hours. The product comes with a fancy jute bag that can be later be put to miscellaneous use.
Rs. 425
Product Name : Designer Candle Set
The handmade designer candles available in red and blue colors made of high quality wax when lighted will fill in ambience with the lights of joy. These designer candles are available in set of two.
Rs. 195
Product Name : Sparkling Gel Candles
Sparkling Gel Candles consists of one big and two small gel candles available in diya shaped glass containers. The big glass container has a swastik design on it while the two small glass containers have a design of Ganesha and Lakshmi on them. These sparkling gel candles are based on the concept of chakra that intends to induce positive spirit in life. The candles are made of high quality wax that can burn for hours.
Rs. 505
Product Name : Combo Gel Candle Pack
Combo Gel Candle Pack of Aatash range consists of one big and six small gel candles that are available in diya shaped glass containers. Each of the glass containers has a red colored holy bandhanvaar design on the top. The colored gel candles are based on the concept of chakra that intends to rejuvenate and induce positive spirits in life. The high quality wax enables the candles to burn for hours.
Rs. 845

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