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Product Name : Cricket 2004
"It's All Cricket! The Ultimate Cricket Experience Officially Licensed 56 teams with over 1000 players 61 stadiums from around the world All New Player Editor . Change the weight, look, and playing attributes of your team Huge Range of Game play Options Practice Nets World series Knockout ING Cup Pura Cup International Tour Country Championship"
Rs. 599
Product Name : FIFA Football 2004
"Create Brilliance Off the Ball™ Control Now control more than one player at a time with FIFA Football 2004's exclusive Off the Ball™ Control system. Calls in tackles, nominate teammates and run them into space. Play Your Way To The Top 18 leagues, 350 teams and 10,000 players - take up the challenge in the new multi-year career mode"
Rs. 599
Product Name : Sid Meier's Sim Golf
"Build Your Own Golf Resort Empire Be the course designer, CEO, and resident Pro of your own golf resorts around the world. Grow your golf empire from a small, public pitch-and-putt to a global network of five-star resorts. From groundbreaking to par braking, the ultimate golf design fantasies are in your hands. DESIGN the world’s most fun, scenic, and challenging golf courses BUILD your resorts from the ground up with everything from snack shop to airstrips PLAY in tournaments and one-on-one matches with a Golf Pro character that you create CUSTOMIZE any golfer’s name, face, clothing, dialogue, and personality"
Rs. 499
Product Name : Total Club Manager 2003
"Use your skill and knowledge to manage your favorite club the way YOU feel it should be managed, deciding on your exact level of involvement. Have you got what it takes to take your club to League and European championship glory? 2002/3 LEAGUE & PLAYER DATA 43 leagues and divisions, including the fully licensed FA French LFP and German Bundesliga with over 45,000 players TOTAL CLUB CONTROL Balance your finances and develop club facilities whilst setting tactics, dealing in the transfer market and managing the team- 17 areas of responsibility to choose from YOUTH DEVELOPMENT Set up youth academies around the world and scout and sign the best young talent available to enhance your club’s future prospects DETAILED TRAINING SYSTEMS Create a training schedule for the entire squad and focus on individual players with specific training units to maximize their performance MATCH BAY Follow your team’s performance in each game using a spectacular new 3D match engine with interactive sideline shouts or intuitive text mode DATABASE EDITORE With full control over all the data in the game, keep your facts totally up to date as the season progresses or simply download from"
Rs. 499
Product Name : Pet Racer
"The CD features: 6 colorful, funny characters – all with different talents 3 Game modes – Adventure, Race and Extra Multi – Player mode so you can play with your friends, or on your own 5 challenging championships, each in a completely different setting Pick up boosters and avoid booby traps 30 exciting racetracks Superb 3D animations"
Rs. 299
Product Name : Pet Soccer
"6 colorful, funny characters - all with different talents , Team information, rating strength, accruing and reflex , 4 Modes: unfriendly Match. UFETA Cup. Multi-player or Special Match , Changing weather conditions for a more exciting match , 12 different pitches to play on , Hilarious reference commentary , Superb 3D animations"
Rs. 299
Product Name : Beach Soccer
"Play in 8 great locations around the world. Stunning 3D graphics includes shadows, sand particles, effects, lens flares + more , Spectacular, realistic movement through ultra-sonic 3D motion capturing , Choose your male or female international team from 32 Counties , There are 320 unique players present in the game , Features Golden Goal and penalty shoot-outs for those very close games , Play with, or against your friends using the multiplayer features"
Rs. 299
Product Name : Bridge
"Bridge is one of the most popular card games throughout the world. Its ease of play makes it a firm favorite for beginners, whilst the depth of strategy allows it to be a game that can be studied by the most serious card player. Key Features: Includes a comprehensive set of rules, hints & tips section , Hints button suggests the best strategic move for you to make , Includes a beginners and experts bidding system along with many advanced bidding options , Saves unfinished games for you to come back later , Lets you examine your game using the Take Back and Review buttons , Try to outwit your PC with clever bids and strategic moves"
Rs. 299
Product Name : Chess
"The Classic game of strategy and skill. Play against the computer or a human opponent , 5 levels of difficulty to keep you challenged , Use the TakeBack button to undo a single move (or a series of moves) , If you need some help, use the Hint option to suggest a move, Video buttons let you review your game, Save unfinished games to come back later , Use the 'Move Now' button to force the computer to make its move , Includes rules on how to play the game"
Rs. 299
Product Name : International Football
Fast, Fluid, and Intense Strap on your shin guards and get ready to experience International Football 2000. Acrade-style game play with all the pace, tactics and excitement that you expect from world-class football. · Realistic football movement from over 9,000 frames of motion-captured animation · Sophisticated on field action, including player positioning, making space and marking · Intelligent player reaction to teammate and opponent positioning · Precise controls – deep and extended game play for advanced gamers · Over 70 international teams with fully customizable home and away kits · Nine modes of play , from friendly to European Trophy Finals to International Cup · Extensive UK commentary by Ron Atkinson and Jonathan Pearce System Requirements · Multimedia PC with Pentium 133 Mhz or higher processor · Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/XP operating system
Rs. 499
Product Name : Microsoft Golf
Microsoft Golf Get into the game. Experience golf as it really is, from the crisp impact of your first drive to the ball’s final roll into the eighteenth cup. Microsoft® Golf has an authentic feel with natural, easy-to-use controls, a variety of courses, and a wide range of choices for play. Whether you choose Teeth of the Dog at Casa de Campo – or the Bay Harbor Golf Club on Lake Michigan, the high-resolution graphics and real-course sounds get you on the grass and swinging. It’s a relaxing, realistic experience from tee to green. Microsoft® Golf is the next best thing to being there. FEATURES · 63 holes to play, including the Links at Casa de Campo, Teeth of the Dog at Casa de Campo, The Bay Harbor Golf Club, and the Preserve 9 at bay Harbor · Accurate ball dynamics based on physics, terrain texture, and varying weather conditions. · Four swing types for absolute control: choose from 2 click or 3 click, Natural, or Sim Swing · 10 game types including Skins, Scramble, and Bingo Bango Bongo · Free and easy Internet play on the MSN TM Gaming Zone – LAN and modem play also available · Professional audio · 10-player model types that let you choose the look of your golfer·
Rs. 499
Product Name : Cricket 2005
Cricket 2005 full version 3-D Game.
Rs. 999
Product Name : X-MenPlay Chess Fritz 8
Play better faster with Fritz 8. Your Coach, Mentor And Opponent, play chess with Fritz 8 brings players of all abilities a true chess challenge. Fritz 8 has the features you need to improve your skills at every playing level, from Beginner to Grandmaster. Unleash the power of Fritz 8 on your desktop and experience the game of King’s as King of the Game. Features · Easy to use & fun to play · Amazing photo-realistic 3 D graphics · Tilt and zoom functions · Complete introductory course for beginners · Comprehensive tactical advice for advanced players · Opening, middle and endgame training · Intelligent commentary on board events · Let fritz tell you (or click the “Shut Up” button) · Spy, hint and threatened squares functions · Analyze your game · Learn from your mistakes to avoid future blunders · Giant openings book · 500,000 + database of games
Rs. 499

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